Poggio Cavallo, i nostri vini.

Sprawling over the very heart of the traditional wine country of Orvieto Classico, the Montecavallo Estate looks to Umbria’s most celebrated medieval hilltown and to the magnificent Gothic face of it’s 13th century Duomo.

 Montecavallo’s prestigious vines  --  both indigenous and imported  --  include Grechetto, Viognier, Cabernet Franc,  Shiraz and Malbec, all of them stitched across the same rich volcanic terraces where Etruscans were cultivating vines nearly 1000 years ago.

Vintnered under the direction  of celebrated umbrian enologist Maurilio Chioccia, the Montevavallo wines are esteemed for the purity and elegance of the traditional Orvieto Classico style.



Built into and around a network of ancient caves, the winery of Poggio Cavallo hosts visitors for tours, tastings, wine-harvest suppers, olive-harvest festivals, theme dinners and lessons in the traditional Umbrian cuisine.